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Mark Asset Management Wins Two Investor Choice Awards

Mark Asset Management was nominated for three Investor Choice Awards* and won two - North American Long Only Equity Fund and Long Only Equity Fund – Long Term Performance.


*Any reference to the Investors Choice Awards should not be construed as a testimonial or endorsement of Mark Asset Management Corporation (“MAMC”) or its investment advisory services. The scoring methodology for these designations incorporates a set of qualitative criteria covering the investment process, risk management framework and depth of research team, as well as a set of quantitative performance measures including annualized returns, volatility and maximum drawdown. A panel of independent judges assign a score in each of the assessment area of each fund and the averages are then aggregated in equal measure to reach the total score, which determines the winner in each category. Nominees were required to pay a fee to attend the awards ceremony. Please see the link to the Awards Methodology and Judging Panel.

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